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2020 Spring-CHEM 332L: Physical chemistry laboratory


The laboratory course complements the Physical Chemistry lecture series. The lab introduces key skills in instrumentation, signal detection, data collection and analysis as well as illustrating core physical chemistry concepts. In particular, the lab serves to support objectives 4 and 5 (Application and Analysis, Evaluation and Judgment) from learning outcomes defined for chemistry department majors. (
  • Textbook: You will be given a laboratory manual at the first class meeting (pdf file of the lab manual).
    The lab manual contains detailed material on each of the experiments available in the 332L laboratory as well as reference lists to provide additional information related to the experimental works.

  • Reference: It will be useful for you to refer to Experiments in Physical Chemistry by Shoemaker, Garland and Nibler (or a similar text). A copy of Shoemaker is available in the lab.

  • Experiment schedule: Current schedule (2020/3/6 version)
  • 2020/2/14: Deadline of lab report 1
  • 2020/3/3: No lab
  • 2020/3/17: No lab (Spring break)
Suppemental materials
  • Jan. 14: Instruction manual for magnetic susceptibility balance [Manual]

Instructor: Prof. Susumu Takahashi
Office: LJS 152, TEL: (213) 821-3187

Lecture/Discussion: Tue. 9:00-9:50 am (SGM 142)
Lab: Tue. 10:00- rest of the day (SGM 142)

Office hour: 11-i2 pm Thursday or by appointment (LJS 152)

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